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crux festival of AUDIOVISUAL performing arts: 13-14 April 2024

Volta and the story of Fuel Records

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The Studio: Saturday 17:00

Join toby*spark for a masterclass in Volta leading to an a/v performance using it – the story of Fuel Records. It’s a fun show, and will definitely put the PA through its paces.

Volta is a visual creation engine and interaction platform, the product of a London-based startup backed by Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin among others. You’ll learn how to quickly set up 3D visuals, bring AR live cameras in, and then let the audience control it.

Toby Harris performing

Toby Harris is fascinated by live events: things happen, together, there in the moment. He’s pursued that culturally, commercially, and academically.

  • Along the way he’svperformed world-wide as *spark and with D-Fuse
  • spun-out hardware and software products developed for his own practice
  • got a robot to do stand-up comedy to better understand performer–audience interaction
  • and as you’ll discover if you come, had a formative experience with the coolest thing you’ve probably never heard of, Fuel Records.

    Much, much more at
Part of the talk on Fuel Records
Portrait photo of Toby Harris