AUDIOVISUAL performing arts EVENTS IN london

crux festival of AUDIOVISUAL performing arts: 13-14 April 2024

Ross Flight

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The Studio: Sunday 15:00

Ross Flight works as a sound and interactive system designer for theatre, live art and contemporary performance.  He’s been releasing music sporadically as Boss Kite for 10 years, alongside working on an interactive performance system using skeleton tracking with an infrared camera, to perform live electronic music with the human body.

Photo of Ross Flight performing as Boss Kite

The performance workshop will comprise a new audio visual piece created specifically for Crux, followed by a in depth look at the system he’s created to translate skeletal movement data into a live audio visual performance rig. 

He’ll be discussing the affordances and limitations of using camera data to control sound and image, the technicalities of drawing that data into Max/MSP, and the creative possibilities of scaling, mapping and assigning that data to musical and visual parameters inside Max and Ableton Live.

Photo headshot of Ross Flight