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crux festival of AUDIOVISUAL performing arts: 13-14 April 2024


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The Mix: Saturday 15:00

The workshop will consist of circuit bending various devices, I will bring toy mobile phones that will work with knob & light sensor for the more soldering experienced, greetings cards that can be fitted with a pitch control & fire engines with sounds that can be pitch bent.


Check component/kit prices below:

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Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to hack electronics & turn toys into  noise making synths, some soldering experience is needed to circuit bend the toys but beginners can learn the soldering basics.

You can signup to the workshop on the day – but we highly recommend pre-registering to ensure you get a place. SIGNUP FORM HERE.
Please note: the workshop is free but you require a Saturday workshop / Saturday all-day or full weekend ticket to attend. These are the kits that you can choose to build, payment will be arranged with the workshop leader during the session:
The toy mobile phone will require some soldering experience & will take around 2+ hours. Final result will be a musical/singing toy molbile phone that when plugged in with its mini jack will make glitchy noise controllable with knob & light sensor. 
Cost: £15
The toy fire engine will require some soldering experience & will take around 1 to 2 hours, Final result will be a fire engine with 1/4 inch jack with siren & engine sounds that can be pitch controlled with a knob.
Cost: £15
Musical cards are the easiest to hack & reccomended for those with little or no soldering experience, will take around 1 to 2 hours. The final result will be a singing card that when plugged in can be pitch controlled.
Cost £10

Psychiceyeclix has a fluid approach to creation, never settling on any particular style or setup constantly experimenting with sound & visuals.

Making a living by building unique instruments & circuit bent devices for the past 10 years using hacked games consoles, circuit bent toys/devices & diy electronics to create anything from drone, glitch, noise to drum & bass.

Psychiceyeclix has released 30+ music albums, thousands experimental instrument videos & performed in USA, Europe & Scandinavia over the past 20 years.


Circuit-bent devices by Psychiceyeclix
Circuit-bent devices by Psychiceyeclix