AUDIOVISUAL performing arts EVENTS IN london

crux festival of AUDIOVISUAL performing arts: 13-14 April 2024


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THE MIX – DEMO SAT 15:45 + SUN 16:45

Jakob Gruhl acts in between art, music and tech. He is co-founder of Ectoplastic and Mazetools and founding member of ZiMMT, Leipzig. Jakob is initiator and admin of Spatial Audio Network Europe and board member of Music Tech Germany.

Jakob Gruel performing live with Mazetools

Jakob Gruhl, born in Bautzen/Budyšin in 1986, completed his museology studies with a diploma in 2012, focusing on new media in museums.

Since 2013, he has served as a nexus between art, music, and technology, notably in the Ectoplastic project Mazetools. As a native Sorbian, he initiated the DRASTA DIGITAL project, digitizing the cultural heritage of Sorbian costumes.

Jakob is a founding member of the Center for Immersive Media Art, Music, and Technology in Leipzig (ZiMMT e.V.). He developed projects like the Immersive Sound – Forum for 3D Audio (2021), Spatial Audio Network Germany (2023), and the EU-funded Spatial Audio Network Europe (from 2024).

He sits on the interdisciplinary advisory board for the Leipzig Cultural Office and is on the board of Music Tech Germany.