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crux festival of AUDIOVISUAL performing arts: 13-14 April 2024

Freddy Frogs

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the stage: sat 00:00

Bringing some uptempo and light-hearted clowncore from France with a new AV show with London-based Hyper VJ

Photo of Freddy Frogs performing live

French artist Freddy Frogs has been rocking dancefloors with his long-running Frogs Records white labels.

His schizophrenic blend of jungle, cabaret and klezmer is a proper knees up experience to make us all smile in the darkest hours.


Portrait photo of musician Freddy Frogs



Representing Lumen, playing with Resolume. Comps, decks, layers and effects, you’ll be sucked in into a visual vortex. Pixel perfect my style is complex.

Welcome to the Hyperverse where maximalism colour frequencies get messed up by glitching graphics!

Photo of Hyper VJ performing
Graphic logotype for Hyper VJ