AUDIOVISUAL performing arts EVENTS IN london

crux festival of AUDIOVISUAL performing arts: 13-14 April 2024



To create more of a festival atmosphere, we have lined up some open-mic style slots in our mixed-use festival hub room. There are 3-4 sets for each of the two days of the festival, lasting 15 minutes each. 

An-Ting 安婷 & Ian Gallagher


Act info coming soon.


The world is not a molecular aggregate, but a flux of energy with varied rhythms, from granite to thought. Following this basic principle S⊎G⊝ tickles the collective unconscious by means of sound, revealing the imperceptible and the ethereal.
A Sicilian native, graduate of the Conservatory of classical music and of Biology at the University of Palermo, Riko Fango flourished as a performer in Paris where the contemporary scene and his study at Le C.I.M. informed his practice of improvisation, innovation, and experimentation. After moving to London in 2011, Fango completed the triangular “inverted Crowleyan path” (Sicily, Paris, London), which kindled new ideas, helping him find and conquer the common ground at the crossroads between his esoteric and sonic practices. This is when his solo project S⊎G⊝ was born in 2019. Embracing the transcendental power of vibration and inspired by the work of Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Luigi Russolo and Pauline Oliveros, S⊎G⊝ combines field recordings, live sampling and acoustics into extemporaneous sessions played on tape loops, analogue synthesizers, turntables and found objects. The aim of his craft is to create an ethereal conversation, unbonded from the limitations of our verbal language. Because all creation is energy, existing in the form of waves that organize the primal matter into different levels of density or intensity and sensation is the material garment of the spirit.
Photo of Sugo performing live



Yoshi Kosaka is a technologist and maker based in London. His work weaves together real time tech with ambient sound to create immersive auditory landscapes that intertwine art with innovation.

Bloom’s Taxonomy


Bloom’s Taxonomy is an innovative London based audio-visual electronic music project helmed by the visionary Will Fraser. Melding together organic instrumentation and electronic elements, Bloom’s Taxonomy creates evocative soundscapes that defy easy categorization. With a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, Bloom’s Taxonomy continues to captivate audiences with his imaginative and genre-defying compositions.

Medial Dark Ages

SUNDAY 19:45

Medial Dark Ages, a Live AV Performance by Laura Netz consisting of experimental electromagnetic power noise with DIY circuitry and a handmade synth. DIY oscillators, based on Schmitt triggers, using optoelectronic components produce a repetitively modulated wave. The strobe light controls the circuits modulating the signal. The light triggers sonic signals. In a sound/light integration, the modulation of tone activates an interactive system based on DIY. It is a self-generated sonic machine creating a syncopated, high-pitched, noisy beep. The flickering from the strobes assaults the senses to create neurological after-images. The audiences’ subconscious and altered states are activated to an open experimentation of feelings and knowledge. The sound results in a psychic noise music with references from postmaterialist perspective on technology, such in James Bridle – New Dark Ages – and experiments in electronic synthesis with frequency modulation, amplitude modulation and waveshaping. Medial Dark Ages experimental electronics performance intends to fit music technology in the context of radical critical thinking and media archaeology theory.

Tomoroh Hidari

SUNDAY 20:45

Tomoroh Hidari is an electronic musician from Austria living in London. Active since the turn of the millennium he has been forging his individualist sound-worlds expertly balanced between ambient, music concrete, electro and abstract beats across a constantly growing number of releases on labels such as Schematic (US), Isolate (US), Mahorka (BG), his own Ivory Bunker Recordings (UK) and more.

Exploring different styles as The Dubnihilist (dub techno, ambient dub), Death Librarian (death industrial) or the now defunct his Namelessness Is Legion (noise, drone) he has, under various aliases, remixed or collaborated with esteemed artists like Takeshi Muto (Phoenecia), Subjex, Mono Peninsula, v93r (Farmers Manual), Andrew Lagowski, Raxil4, Room of Wires or Okinawa Electric Girl Saya.

Recently returning to performing live after a prolonged hiatus, his live performances see him explore and rework material from his vast back-catalogue from different, steadily shifting angles.

Photo of Tomoroh Hidari

James GM

SUNDAY 21:45

James GM is an audio-visual artist based in south east London. His performances feature abstract, glitchy visuals combined with aggressive yet melodic soundscapes that remain rooted in dance music culture.

He has worked behind the scenes as a producer/engineer at London’s Fiction Studios, and created visuals for a number of major artists and promoters. However he is now building on this experience to perform his first live shows as a solo artist.

Photo of James GM