AUDIOVISUAL performing arts EVENTS IN london

crux festival of AUDIOVISUAL performing arts: 13-14 April 2024

Audiovisual Jam Session


Come and join us for an audiovisual jam session and meet other like-minded intrepid audio and video artists and performers!

(Sunday daytime/allday or weekend passes required)

Audiovisual jam session photo with text

Turn up, Link up and plug in!

You can prepare any ‘instrument’ to jam with. This could be made with Ableton Live only, or a mix with hardware – or any setup that can connect with the Link sync signal. Anything goes really, so come and jam with us! (Please bring your own signal cables to get into the audio mixer!)

NOTE: that you will need at least a Sunday daytime ticket for the event to be able to join

There are now a huge number of apps that use Link to connect with other devices. Check out the full list at:


Jam sessions can be a bit messy, and electronic ones can suffer additionally if everyone goes in heavy and dominates the mix. So, if you are planning to come and participate please prepare yourself in advance so that we can make it a success… 🙂


• Having Link installed in Ableton Live (versions 9.6 and above) or the latest version of your Link-enabled app (see the URL below for a list of compatible programs)
• Ability to join our network using wi-fi
• Audio cable (to get into the mixer, ideally ending in 1/4″ jacks, but RCA is also fine)
• Split monitoring (optional) – you will probably want to use headphones to monitor your output before sending to the mixer


• Try to bring a range of material to work with (drums, bass, leads, pads, SFX etc) as not everyone can do the rhythm section 🙂
• Try to prepare for different BPMs and/or musical keys
• Only enter individual sounds into the mix – not whole tracks
• Listen to the mix and make space where possible
There will be a few people on hand to help get people set up and plumbed into the mixer. Just remember to work with a smaller sound-set that you can tweak and it will be great fun for everyone involved!
More info on Ableton Link:

Take part in our open-access jam session on the Sunday afternoon! Bring your audio gear or video projector (wallspace permitting) and get involved. We use the Ableton Link standard to sync everyone up. We will post some additional guidelines here soon.